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Also known as Western Sheet Metal Insulation and Asbestos Removal, WSM has been operating for 25 years. In this time, we have applied various divisions based on the needs of our own internal operations and the services that are required to undertake minor to major projects.


Our divisions include Sheetmetal, Insulation, Asbestos Removal, Plumbing, and Scaffolding.


It is our objective to provide safe and productive outcomes with each job being executed in accordance with the specification needs and required industry standards.


We have received many awards throughout our years of operation including the 2004 Alcoa Global Safety Award as well as contractor Safety Awards from Shell and QENOS.


We are proud of the strong working relationships that we have developed within Australia and continue to work closely with our clients to ensure that we can provide them with their desired outcomes.


Who are we?

Our core values have always been applied to meet with the highest standards, across all of our products and services


Managing Director, WSM


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